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Canyon Ride

First project done in 2011 with the alpha version of Clarisse iFX. Many tools where missing compared to the first released version (no handles, no 3d view..) but the speed and massive geometry support was already here :)
No external assets used. Rocks modelling in Zbrush, spaceship modelling and animation in Lightwave, texturing in Photoshop, layout and rendering in Clarisse.

Yann couderc miniride
Yann couderc yann couderc spaceship

Clarisse render of the spaceship. Legacy shaders.

First animation ever rendered in Clarisse iFX Alpha, in 2011.

Yann couderc spaceshipmodeling

Photoshop Texture's maps, manual unwrapping, and legacy shader (no PBR)... The old school way :)

Yann couderc canyontopview

Top view of the canyon. Plants are scattered automatically using an occlusion based particle system.